Welcome, byhands Wholesalers!!

byhands Wholesaler Terms and Conditions

Qualified business can purchase byhands brands 100% Genuine Leather Purse Handles and more! and byhands on a wholesale basis through our easy online wholesale ordering system. Even if you are NOT a business owner, you can still register as our wholesale merchant, but you must order, at minimum, once every 6 months.

Before you register as our wholesale merchant, please read carefully the following terms and conditions;

  1. Please register at our New Account Page and select Wholesale instead of General
Once you registered, we will assign with wholesale merchants within 24 hrs.

  2.Shipping cost is based on the order item weights and the delivery method.
- USPS Priority Mail Services or
- UPS Ground Service / 3 Day select
- Expedite Services available upon request

  3. Most major credit cards are accepted (VISA/MASTER/AMEX/Discover), and we do NOT accept PayPal payment for the wholesale purchases.
  4. Minimum order amount is $200.00

Please contact info@byhandsusa.com for further information and assistance.